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FAQ / Rules

CSGETTO.COM is a Internet service For fans of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Where everyone can Get cool skins for the game and also exchange their skins with the help of our exchanger.

General rules

To participate the Battle you should:
1) Log in on the site
2) Indicate your trade link for exchanges in the Steam
3) Open the inventory in the Steam for public viewing
4) Download your skins to the internal inventory of the Csgetto
5) Select a game and place a bet
You can participate in the battles without having your own skins, just buy them in our exchanger (link to the exchanger).
You dont have to participate in the battles to exchange your expensive skin for cheaper ones, or exchange cheap ones to the road and To deduce them on the Steam.

CSGetto internal inventory

For a quick and comfortable game on csgetto we made an internal inventory.
You can preload your skins on our bots, to immediately put them in the Battle or exchange them in our skins exchanger.
We use a complex bots system where your skins are securely protected and no one can see them.
The the bot service we use three types of bots:
Deposit-bots, take away skins from you, Storage-bots store skins of users, Sender-bots send you your skins.
You can not load items from the Steam if you have more than 50 skins in your inventory.
The average time for enrolling skins is about one minute.
The output of skins is carried out by combining them into one common trade, So it may take several minutes, it depends on how many bots you use.
You have 5 minutes to accept or decline an exchange.
If after this time the trade is automatically canceled and all the skins will be returned to the internal inventory of the Csgetto.
The time of storage of skins in the internal inventory is unlimited, as well as free of charge.
For exchanges you must have passed mobile authentication more than 7 days ago.
Escrow is a new kind of Steam Guard that protects user accounts from unauthorized access.
Starting from 12.09.15 all exchanges in the Steam system must be verified by the mobile authenticator of the Steam, which is tied to the account for at least 7 days.
Otherwise, the exchanges are "frozen" for 12 hours for the safety of users.
Our bot accepts and sends only those exchanges that are confirmed by the mobile authenticator of the Steam.


At a bet, each of your skin is valued in cents.
You can see The price of your items before the game.
For each 1 cent is given 1 ticket in the Battle.
At the time of the drawing, the winning ticket is calculated, you can read more about it in fair play.
The winning ticket is calculated At the time of the drawing, you can read more about it in the fair play.
The more you bet, the more chance you have to win, but even with a minimal percentage to win, you always have a chance to take the whole pot.
There are two types of zones on the csgetto: the Beach zone and the classical zone.
They differ in the betting limits and the duration of the round.


At the beginning of each round, the CSGetto.com site generates a random long number from 0 to 1 (for example, 0.949051718690916267685893419884) and encrypts it via the SHA256 algorithm.
More information about the algorithm can be read here.
The result of encryption is visible at the beginning of the round, you can copy it for future verification of the site's honesty.
At the end of the round, the service multiplies the previously encrypted number by the total amount of tickets, getting the number of the winning ticket.
Example: At the end of the round, the total deposit was $ 100 (10,000 tickets in the game), and the specified number was 0.949051718690916267685893419884.
The service multiplies the number 0.949051718690916267685893419884 by 10,000 and gets the number 9491.
This will be the number of the winning ticket, which will be shown at the time of the draw.
The principle of the fair play is that we can not know how many tickets will be at the end of the round, and the random number for multiplication is set at the very beginning of the game.
That is why we have no opportunity to influence the results of the rally, and for deciphering the hash it will take several million years and a supercomputer, which is much more than the duration of the round and every bet in the battle can change the winning ticket.
You can check the results on other sites: here, here or right here.
In the history of each game there is a button for checking the fair game, you can see for yourself the honesty of a particular battle and there is no "twist" under such a winner selection system.
In the game "Double", the hehe is counted from the number that we multiply by 15 and is shown at the beginning of the round.


Points are the internal currency of the site, 1 point = 1 cent.
Points are used for internal exchanges of skins, as well as for settlements with partners.
Points can be exchanged for skins, as well as vice versa.
To receive points, go to our store of coupons.


On the csgetto you can change your skins to the other skins available in our exchanger.
Evaluation of skins is based on their real value on the trading platform of the steam.
When selling skins to the exchanger, skins priced up to 5 cents are valued at 5 times cheaper, at a price mo then 5 cents at half the cost.
When buying skins worth up to 5 cents, we sell them 3 times cheaper than their cost in the steam, with a price more then 5 cents for 80% of their real value.
More information about the formation of prices for skins on the csgetto you can read in this section.


Affiliate (referral program) is a system of encouraging of the users who attract new players (referrals) to the project. For the each attracted referral and his games you will receive points.
A referral is a new member of the project that came through your affiliate link. If the involved player has previously authorized the project - the referral program does not include it.
For each registered thru your link referral you receive points. Also, you get a certain percentage of the referrals rates in any of the games of the project.
Points can be spent in our exchanger, as well as withdraw to any payment system.
Points are accrued after the registration thru your link, points are credited instantly to your balance.
Everyone who becomes a referral gets 1 point instantly at the time of input or output of skins from the internal inventory of the csgetto.
Also, the partner earns up to 2% of all the rates of the attracted player.

Getting winnings

Winning is immediately credited to the internal inventory of the csgetto. You can immediately bring it to the steam or leave it on the site and play further.


The service commission for ordinary players is 10%, for VIP players 6%.
The commission takes skins randomly to the required percentage.
The actual commission is less, the maximum commission amounts are indicated.
Commission is not taken if the winning player has a chance to win from 90%.
Similarly, the commission is not taken if the rates do not contain things below the commission rate.
The commission is taken automatically at the time of determining the winner.
When playing in a team, at first all the items are returned to the winners of the winning team, then the service commission is taken, and all other skins are credited to the winner.
When you play a team with the chances from 90% the service fee is taken anyway.

Chatting Rules

It is not allowed in the chat:
1. Insult, humiliate and threaten the other participants of the project, if it is not mutual.
2. To place any links that are not relevant to the work of the service.
3. To place sponsored links, advertise and mention third-party services and communities about CS: GO.
4. Spam and flood.
5. Post referral links and codes.
6. Pretend to be an administrator or a moderator of the service.
7. Insult and threaten the administration of the service, if this is not mutual.
8. You can not abuse the words in CAPITAL LETTERS
9. You can not discuss the actions of the moderators in the chat. If you do not agree with the actions of the moderators, then write to the administrators (contacts at the bottom). It is advisable to make screenshots, copies of correspondence, in order to back up the words with evidence.
10. Write three identical messages in a row.
11. Prohibited begging in the chat.
12. It is forbidden to post links to social. Networks, including Steam, under the pretext of drawing, distributing skins, points, interchanging exchanges and other dubious operations.
Violators will be blocked in the chat for a period of 5 minutes to a lifetime lock. Moderation of the chat occurs in manual and automatic modes. The appeal of the received ban is carried out through those support.
Moderators have the right to delete messages or to ban a chat participant without explaining the reasons.
If you do not agree with the blocking, write to the administrators (contacts below), they will review your situation and make a final decision.

Which skins does CS: GO accept?

We accept all skins for which there is a price on https://csgo.steamanalyst.com, except new items recently published in the steam, as well as souvenir items.


The cost of the skins is taken from https://csgo.steamanalyst.com from the Steam Market Price field. We reserve the right to adjust the cost of some items in accordance with our algorithms, in order to avoid "swirled" prices for items. the Prices are updated every six hours automatically. If the price for the item is reasonable wrong, you can contact the site administration. The prices of the skins on the site may differ from the prices on the Steam trading floor.


On the site https://csgetto.biz you can buy a promotional code for the required number of points.
When you buy, you will receive an email with a coupon code which you can activate by clicking https://csgetto.com/exchanger. The cost of the promotional code is formed from the calculation of the cost of the coupon itself (1 point = 1 cents at the current rate) plus fees of the payment service.

Privacy Policy

We do not store any data about users, except for the Steam login and the links for exchanges.
Your avatar and nickname on Steam are available to all users of the service.
Every time you upload the skins to csgetto's internal inventory, you agree to the terms of use of the site.

Rules for streamers

1. No links during streaming to third-party projects.
2. On the stream should not be depicted elements of third-party projects (playing them, tabs, etc).


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